In short: IntelliNet Beratung & Technologie GmbH. This means experienced internet specialists who have conceptualized, developed and programmed online forms for banks and insurance companies like DKV, Postbank or TeamBank for more than 15 years. Here you can find a list of references.

Due to our daily work with online forms, we know the challenges forms have to handle today. Online forms must be usable intuitively, work on internal and external websites, be optimized for all devices, trigger complex events and be handled simply enough so that they can keep up with increasingly shorter product cycles and product launch times (Time-to-Market). Shortly: online forms today are omnipotent tools. They are one of the most important parts for conversion and generating leads and sales – and thus for business success.

In conversations with our clients – online marketers, sales specialists and product managers – we repeatedly heard the wish for a form solution enabling them to create, update, manage, test and release online forms without IT support or extensive IT knowledge. As we are always open to suggestions from our clients, our team of 25 UX specialists, consultants and developers got together to make this wish come true. The result is Econ.