Managing complex processes for online forms

Econ works like a high-performance content management system. With the browser-based software, you can create both simple forms and complex online processes, integrate them in your system or in other platforms, edit, administrate, test, optimize and release them.

Intuitive operation – per Drag & Drop

If you have ever used a computer mouse, you will be able to create an online form with Econ. No IT knowledge is required. Just drag the requested fields to the right position and it’s done. Video tutorials and a support hotline will assist your online editor, if needed.

Releases anytime – without IT support

Releasing an online form is just as easy as creating one. The editor can release or update a new form anytime – without elaborate software releases or IT support. Approval for release may be done via dual-control principle, if desired.

Creating online forms tailored to target groups

Econ offers you the highest flexibility when creating your form. You can design individual forms, write texts, define device-optimized processes and trigger different events like sending emails or creating PDF documents. The focus is always: optimal conversion and smooth processes. You’re also flexible regarding your designs: online forms and pages can be designed freely and customized in line with your Corporate Design.

Optimizing conversion – with A/B tests

Thanks to simple copy, handling and release functions, you can create different processes in just a few minutes – and test them in comparison! An important step towards conversion optimization. You can examine, without much effort, which online forms generate the highest conversion rates and leads.

Increasing conversion – thanks to full responsive

Smartphone, tablet or desktop – your forms will be optimized for each device. Design, text and usability adapt to the devices. Additionally, you can define individual processes for specific devices. This increases user comfort and conversion.

Easily integrated in all systems

Forms created with Econ can easily be integrated in every website. Not only that: online processes created with Econ can also communicate with external systems, if desired. Thus, you can make calculations, send emails, submit data, create documents and much more.

Assigning individual user rights

Limited or full system access, you can assign user rights to user roles. You decide who may work on content and design or who is responsible for releases. All user rights can be configured individually.

Rely upon high data protection and constant availability

All data are encoded and submitted according to modern standards. Furthermore, Econ is regularly examined by external security experts. You can host Econ on your own servers or on our servers. The system is always scaled according to your performance requirements. When hosting on our modern servers in a professional hosting center, we offer the highest availability due to redundant systems and up-to-date run-time environment.


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