Creating and optimizing processes

With Econ, you can create forms with several subsequent pages quickly and easily. Whole process workflows can intuitively be built, edited, tested and released. Thanks to a copy function, you can multiply processes very fast, then individually change them and thus test and optimize them. With tracking pixels, which can be added on each page just like browser title, display title, progress rate or CSS class, you also receive important feedback regarding conversion optimization and data for you affiliate programs.

Implementing dynamic process pages

Implementing pages is a matter of minutes. You just fill the pages per Drag & Drop with containers and form fields. A big win: Econ offers a comprehensive, dynamic process management. The behavior of individual pages can be defined and connected to the gathered process data. This saves time filling out forms and brings better results.

Defining and labeling form elements

A big plus of Econ is the simple adding and removing of form fields like name, address, birthday etc. and individual elements. Per Drag & Drop you move the required field to the right position. Each element can be individually labeled and a help text added to it. The behavior of the form fields – and of containers and texts – can immediately be connected to other process data. Editing form elements has never been easier.

Triggering events

You want an event to occur after completing a page or clicking a button – like automatically changing to the following page, sending an email or checking availability in case of bookings? Econ does this in real time. With the software, you can furthermore submit the data to a backend system, calculate rates, check offers or create documents like PDFs.

Validating data upon input

Econ validates data immediately upon input on the basis of required values, limit values and plausibility. The user gets feedback at once regarding the validity of the input – even before submitting the page. There are two advantages: this method increases conversion and you receive data of a very high quality.


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