Banks & insurance companies

Econ offers a high-performance support for customers, consultants and sales representatives of financial products. Due to automated input support and the many tools for conversion optimization, smooth online processes can be realized. The system enables you to manage comprehensive application forms, e.g. for opening checking accounts or life insurances.

One special feature is the solution for loans: with an additional module, a loan is preliminarily decided immediately, including SCHUFA check. This loan module even works on third systems like loan comparison sites or external financial platforms like broker sites.

Authorities & municipalities

Service-oriented authorities and municipalities continuously expand their online offers. Citizens can take care of applications, notifications and appointments from the comfort of their homes – without long waiting periods or distances. Authorities and municipalities save time. With Econ, you can quickly create, edit and release complex registration and application forms.

Internet agencies & IT providers

Conceptualizing and programming online forms is time-consuming. They are also hardly exciting tasks for UX designers and developers. Thanks to the flexible, high-performance and fully responsive tool, you can simplify creating forms substantially. You gain time for more exciting challenges.

Foundations & scholarship providers

When applying for a scholarship or at a foundation, elaborate information is required. Now you can quickly gather this. The system enables you to create long application forms. Another advantage: changes of aim or type of scholarship or foundation goal, which occur often, can be implemented within minutes and released online.


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